Week 5: Necedah National Wildlife Refuge


Necedah National Wildlife Refuge is one of my favorite places to visit with my son Phoenix. So easy to find being right of highway 21 between Tomah and Necedah.  Their visitor center is by far one of the best I have been to with so many hands on learning tools and very friendly staff. We in fact spent so much time in there we only had time for one short trail.

Phoenix checking out a Northern Pike’s teeth.
This right here was my favorite thing to check out. Its a microscope with some weird slides to check out like a house fly leg or a fish scale. Very creative if you ask me.
Phoenix and Uncle Cole testing their bird knowledge. The activity makes different bird sounds and you have to guess what bird it is.


We obviously have some work to do on our bird knowledge. At least they let you guess until you get it right lol
To top it off they even have a mini theater for showing a short 5 minute Video about the Refuge.

After absorbing all sorts of info and noticing what time it was we hurried out the door to get a hike in before sundown. We chose Harvey’s Pond Trail a quick .7 mile loop around a pretty small pond. The entrance for this trail is off highway 21 right before the entrance to the park.


Wish I would have known this trail was here all the times I have been taking highway 21 home. It is a perfect trail to just get of the highway for short quick walk to wake up a bit more because if you live in the area you understand how boring highway 21 can be.

Necedah start
Start of Trail 

With the sun going down it was so gorgeous and worth the time it takes to get Phoenix in the carrier and ready for winter hiking.

necedah start 2
Phoenix and his “fort”.
Necedah Lake
Fishing Pier

I’m very curious about how the fishing is here. Will have to come back this summer and find out.

necedah mole

Even got to get an up close look a mole for the first time. It was laying dead in the middle of the path with seemed a little odd.  Never would I have imagined their face to look like that. All the damage these tiny things can create amazes me.

Necedah Sunset


One last shot at the sunset and all its glory on this beautiful day.

Necedah Tree

After my moment with the Sunset I come up on this. Can you see the car over there? So this could be a problem right now. I tried to go around the woods way and got no where but entangled with briers. So around on the ice was the last option. I asked my hiking buddy if he was ready for that………

Necedah Phoenix

…….that was a yes. I called back Cole to come help in case things went terrible wrong. Even though I know that small of a pond was probably solid ice, I’m not a big fan of chancing anything with my precious cargo on. We made it around and back to safety of land in less than 30 seconds lol.

Necedah Snow angels Necedah Phoenix 2

We ended the hike with snow angels, big smiles and some pretty cold cheeks.

Video to recap the whole adventure. Yes even the quick little hikes are adventures.

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  1. I love the life and the opportunities you offer your son to explore nature and learn and see things other children’s parents never will. What he’ll make out of it later in life……you never know…..but he has the choice and knows there’s “something else” out there 🙂 Have a wonderful day !!


    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you so much this comment means the world to me! It makes me sad to know some children will never get the opportunities with nature that they truly need. I started this blog hoping it can inspire at least one other family to get outside together. Nature in my eyes is the best learning tool. I want my son to know his limits are endless and this world was meant for exploring. Thank you again. Your blog is very inspirational also 🙂


      1. Jessica says:

        One day we hope to be doing what you all are.


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