Week 4: Pine View Campground Trails

Week 4 of 52 Week Hike Challenge                                                                      1/21/18 – 1/27/18

All by myself for this one, with the boys napping it was right to take some time for myself. Hoping for some of that peace and quiet the woods usually bring but forgetting the location of this place. With constant military gun fire and the sounds of music coming from the ski ridge it wasn’t so quiet or very peaceful but yet somehow still relaxing.

Pine View Campground is located on a military base named Fort McCoy, off highway 21 in between Tomah and Sparta. Don’t stress you don’t have to go through any gates or anything its open to the general public and free of charge for hiking. Offering a handful of trails and not one of them over a mile long one way. Great place to take the kids hiking with nice short trails that also follow along the La Crosse River and even lead to a little waterfall. We are slowly working on getting Phoenix to start walking longer distances and this place is perfect for that.

I always park and start at the end of Pine View Trail. Walking up to find the trail will look a little something like this….

trail entrance

When you get closer to the bridge you can either go left to Trout Falls, right to Pine View Trail or cross the bridge to find a couple more trails that even offer Disc Golf. I chose right


What your looking at when you chose right.

Pine View Trail is just a little over a half mile long one way and follows the La Crosse River the whole time. 0127181623-2027547905.jpg


The trails are pretty roomy. Obviously winter hiking always requires some caution with the ice and all but these trails during the summer can get pretty sloppy sometimes. Don’t avoid just dress accordingly.

These green arrows attempt to keep everyone on the right trail.

These awesome informative plaques are placed throughout the trail and are always fun to read over.

I brought micro spikes with me on this hiking adventure just a cheap pair we picked up somewhere along the way and one decided to break when I got to the very end of Pine View Trail. The strap part that wraps around front of shoe broke. So I got tasked with a lovely walk back towards the car. Finally getting back to the car I somehow talked myself into going and checking out the waterfall. I walk back down and go left on Trout Falls Trail. Thankfully I did the trail wasn’t so iced over and the sound of a waterfall is beyond calming.

real trout fallschecking out trout falls

I stayed down by the falls for a bit drowning out as many noises as I could. Sunset started in and it was time to go home.


Thank you all for your interest. Hope you get out and enjoy some fresh air or in our case today make some snow angels.

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