National Plan for Vacation Day: Big Adventures Announced!!

!!HALLELUJAH!! National Plan for Vacation Day, finally my type of day. My mind is constantly working on the next adventure now lets get your mind a turning. Think about that angelic mountain view, captivating ocean sunset,  the divine solitude and peace only the backcountry can provide or simply anything other than your yard. Yea I daydream day in and day out about all sorts of places. There is a whole big bold beautiful world out there ready to show herself to you and I suggest you rise to the challenge of planning a damn vacation. I look at it like this say you want a candy bar,  what do you do? You go to the store and get a candy bar. Now put that in to life perspective, you want something now just go make it happen. You and only you are really holding yourself back. Book that campsite you been wanting and MAKE the time to go, book a flight somewhere new, put in for those backpacking or hiking permits. Do anything that gets you closer to your idea of vacation. You really do owe either yourself or your family this one. Stop waiting for life to happen it’ll be over before you know it.

So in honor of national plan a vacation day and encouragement to others we have a few exciting announcements about upcoming adventures that we would like to share with all of you……………….this is my drumroll………..come this Summer we are leaving for an 18 day USA Road Trip!!!! We officially have at least 18 days may even get more depending on what we can make happen to just drive through the country meeting new exciting people, touring national parks and every gorgeous place in between!! We have been working at this for a bit now and so ecstatic to get that off our chests. I will be blogging about the whole experience from saving, planning, road tripping with a toddler and the good/bad about it all. So stayed tuned!!

2nd Big Adventure is in the works. I have never flown in anything other than helicopters before and feel it is time to get it out of the way. The plan to execute is fly to Las Vegas, rent a car, drive to Zion National Park stay there for a couple nights and accomplish Angel’s Landing and the Narrows!! It is all still in the works but WILL be accomplished by the end of September for sure!!


angels ladnign
Angels Landing Zion National Park Utah


Now what are you waiting for, make something great happen. Remember to do great things sometimes means sacrifices like eat at home and not fast food, put a halt to those $5 coffees, or do you really need 7 pairs of shoes. Think of all the money you spend on what could be pointless things and imagine what you could do with it. Round trip flight from where I live to Vegas is a high average of $250. If you give up just the coffee you can have tickets within 2 months.

Get that mind turning and let me know what you come up with I would love to hear everyone’s vacation plans. Happy planning!!

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Thank you all for your interest!!

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