Week 1: Amundson Park

     Week 1 of 52 Week Hike Challenge                               12/31/17 — 1/6/18

Staying close to home this week with a local park. Amundson Park has been greatly upgraded in the last few years and is looking amazing. Dog park, play equipment, shelter, archery range, disc golf, hiking trail with magnificent bridge over the small rapids of the river even a place to put in canoes or kayaks.  Perfect area so close to home to get away from the bustle and enjoy a little nature.

When the opportunity to get outside all by myself showed itself I pounced. Thinking it would be a great time for our dog Trixie to get out, I began the fight of who will walk to who to put the leash on. After getting her and I in the car we began down the road for less than 1 minute when I remember I forgot my notebook for documenting my whole 52 week hike challenge so of course I turn around and go back for it. Notebook in hand we try this again.

Arriving to the park and being the only ones there we hurried out of the car to enjoy it. Starting towards the river we don’t even get 20-30 feet before Trixie starts hopping around. Her feet were cold. Cursing myself for brining her out here while warming her feet I knew the only thing to do was bring her home. To the car we went and back to the house again. At this point you would think I would just stay home and say the hell with that damn walk being that I was on a time crunch because Jason still had his trap line to check but nope.

Back at the park with 3 vehicles now parked there I finally get to enjoy my walk. Started out with walking the road up to the park sign to get a good picture and add some length to the walk. The air was more than refreshing and you could feel the sun was on its way down with a feels like temp of 2 degrees. My nose was starting to hurt from the cold but must take full advantage of this opportunity. Taking the trail down to the river that was almost frozen in time. 

The bridge back there is one of the best in Sparta, beautifully built. Only downfall is the trail eventually leads to a no trespassing sign as it borders the sand mines and you have to turn around. I was hoping the trail would make a nice loop around back to the bridge or at least something. Never the less its a nice trail for the area and close to home. I’ve used this trail for some trail run training but never been on in winter.



All in all it was a good little hike and my waterproof Merrell shoes held up to their name keeping my feet dry and quite toasty. 

Thank you for your Interest

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