52 Week Hike Challenge

Yes I am committing myself to the 52 Week Hike Challenge. I love love love hiking and I’m always up for a good challenge so this is perfect. I am ecstatic knowing that I WILL always be out on at least one hike per week for the whole year. I took it one step further and chose the Explorer Series.

52 week hike challenge is just that you hike once per week every week of the year. They have a website http://www.52weekhikechallenge.com that you should check out. The challenge is used to encourage people to get outside. We all know that we need a push out the door every now and then especially this time of year with all that fun rain/sleet/snow stuff that falls from the sky. Remember they make snow gear for a reason, time to invest we all know winter sticks around too long.

The Explorer Series is where you hike a new trail every week. You can visit the same park but pick a different trail every time. 52 different trails, can you imagine that. That’s a whole lot of exploring waiting to be done. What better time than now to start.

I will be posting a blog about every one of my hiking adventures, well not every one I guess because we tend to go on more than just one most weeks. I will post 52 different hikes in hopes that it encourages someone to just get outside, breathe some fresh air and let nature take the stress away.

Remember it doesn’t have to be an epic hike every time, I live in Wisconsin you wont be seeing mountains in my pics any time soon and that’s alright. Make your own epic journey. We have a beautiful state full of rolling hills that house mysteries in the valleys. Ill be on those or on a trail near my house may it be in a city park, public land or a family member that owns land. There are plenty of options out there if you are truly dedicated. Just get outside.

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