The Start of all Good things Crazy

1st Butterfest  Our 1st Butterfest together June 2013

The feelings that overcome you when thinking back to the beginning days. Those first days of awkward moments, feeling free, crazy decisions, and learning all about each other. The beginning days of a relationship.  Jason’s piercing green eyes captivated me in an instant, like that forest moss green color I love.  My first and only thought was I want that man. Fueled by the laughter at the sarcastic jabs, those eye lock moments that make you tingle, and the way he called me sunshine I was truly smitten. I found a person with vibrancy and life.  Exactly what I needed and wanted. Being complete opposite of each other I didn’t know how this was going to go but wouldn’t know unless I tried right.

We met while working at a bow factory, I had just started in March and he had been there a few years already. Come June I asked him for a ride one day after work the next day he asked me to go out for dinner. That’s where the start of all good things crazy happened. We stopped at the local IGA picked up some steaks and beer. Went to his place grilled out and relaxed in good company. I stayed the night and we haven’t been apart since. We literally spent everyday and night together. Wake up, work then see what we could get into. We loved being active and not going to lie but we loved activities that involved drinking a whole lot more. Naked bonfires at our “country home”, camping in the boonies with not a care in world, canoeing the Kickapoo River, music festivals, (huge sigh) man I could reminisce on those days forever. I wouldn’t say we spent our money or time wisely but we had one hell of a time making memories that will last a life time. That sense of freedom was a blessing. A person that can make you feel forever young should always stay in your life. 4 and half years later we are still enjoying a crazy life together just a bit tamed down. We welcomed our son Phoenix to the world in February of 2016.

Keep following along. Next about us blog post is in the works about the untimely and interesting story of us finding out we were pregnant, the worst place for it to happen and the misfortune of the alcohol. Below are pics of Jason and I before parenting.

devils lake pic

Devils Lake State Park


   Rock USA in Oshkosh WI

Camping in our Secret Spot when Trixie was just a pup

     Twin Lakes Campground WI


Start Living

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  1. This is awesome! And lovely.


    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you!! I appreciate the feedback.


  2. Sarah carey says:

    Love this!!! And so happy for both of you!!!❤️

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